Bashford/Harries/Beresford Trio Gigs

Excited to be part of this trio, we are playing 2 gigs at the end of October:

Fizzle presents: Bashford/Harries/Beresford + Beck/Lash/Hession

Event / Sunday 29 October

Once again we have two trios of outstanding British improvisers for you. Bashford, Harries, and Beresford draw from a highly varied musical stock that spans straight-ahead jazz, pop, folk, rock, and more. Beck, Lash, and Hession each have a deep connection to the DNA of the British improvised music scene.

Bashford / Harries / Beresford

Charlie Beresford – guitar

Tim Harries – bass

Jim Bashford – drums

Beck / Lash / Hession

Mick Beck – reeds

Dominic Lash – bass

Paul Hession – drums