Bashford/Harries/Beresford Trio Gigs

Excited to be part of this trio, we are playing 2 gigs at the end of October:

Fizzle presents: Bashford/Harries/Beresford + Beck/Lash/Hession

Event / Sunday 29 October

Once again we have two trios of outstanding British improvisers for you. Bashford, Harries, and Beresford draw from a highly varied musical stock that spans straight-ahead jazz, pop, folk, rock, and more. Beck, Lash, and Hession each have a deep connection to the DNA of the British improvised music scene.

Bashford / Harries / Beresford

Charlie Beresford – guitar

Tim Harries – bass

Jim Bashford – drums

Beck / Lash / Hession

Mick Beck – reeds

Dominic Lash – bass

Paul Hession – drums

New Website.

Welcome to the new Charlie Beresford website. I have finally decided to put all of my endeavours in one place. Make yourself at home, mooch about. If you have any questions just make contact through the contacts page and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Many of the photographs will be made available to buy as prints through here over the coming weeks.

In the meantime here is the link to my very latest record with Christian Vasseur. Thanks for dropping by.